Bashir Mufti

Bashir Mufti Dumya an-nar

Dumya an-nar

Arab Scientific Publishers
Sprache: Arabisch
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Paperback, 164 Seiten
ISBN 9786140100480
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Toy of Fire. Roman. Steht auf der Long­list 2012 für den Arabi­schen Booker­preis. Toy of Fire is the story of a meeting between the nove­list, Bashir Mufti, and a myste­rious character called Rada Shawish, who pres­ents Mufti with a manu­script contai­ning his auto­bio­graphy. Shawish’s goal in life has always been not to turn out like his father, who ran an under­ground cell in the seven­ties and committed suicide in the eigh­ties. However, circum­stances have driven him to follow in his father’s foot­s­teps, resul­ting in him beco­ming a leading member of a secret group of his own.