Edward Said

Edward Said Israel, al-Iraq, al-wilayat al-mutahidda

Israel, al-Iraq, al-wilayat al-mutahidda

(Fateful Triangle)

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Das Triangel des Schick­sals: Israel, Irak und die USA. First published in 1983, Fateful Triangle is a compre­hen­sive indict­ment of what Noam Chomsky calls the - disgraceful and extre­mely dange­rous - policy the United States has enacted towards Israel, parti­cu­larly with regard to Israel's actions concer­ning the Pales­ti­nians. Suppor­ters of Israel must will­fully over­look or deny that nation's long history of human rights viola­tions and mili­tary aggres­sion, Chomsky writes, and they will continue to do so as long as Israel is stra­te­gi­cally useful towards - the U. S. aim of elimi­na­ting possible threats, largely indi­ge­nous, to American domi­na­tion of the Middle East region. - In the course of elabo­ra­ting his argu­ment, Chomsky cuts through the myths and distor­tions that appear in main­st­ream media acco­unts. the damning facts that he so syste­mati­cally assem­bles portray a govern­ment more brutally and overtly racist, perhaps, than even apart­heid-era South Africa. Three new chap­ters, drawing upon mate­rial from Z maga­zine and other publi­ca­tions, incor­po­rate such deve­lop­ments as the Pales­ti­nian upri­sing, Israel's war on Lebanon, and the ongoing - peace process.