Khairy al-Dhahabi

Khairy al-Dhahabi Al-Tahawwulat: Haseeba, Fayyad, und Hisham (3 Vol.)

Al-Tahawwulat: Haseeba, Fayyad, und Hisham (3 Vol.)

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Al-Dhahabi's important trilogy, - Al-Tahaw­wulat: Haseeba, Fayyad, and Hisham - (Changes: Haseebaa, 1987, Fayyad, 1990, and Hisham, 1995) is an ambi­tious epic novel that attempts to address the issue of freedom in its broad sense as it had evolved through the human rights move­ments both on the liberal and socia­list levels. The novels open with the great Syrian rebel­lion against the French occu­pa­tion and proceed to describe how the merchant class disarmed the rebels and emptied the slogans for inde­pen­dence from their signi­fi­cant content before recog­ni­zing them. They elabo­rate the diffe­rent facets of the rich social reality of the old city in a very intel­li­gent manner, intert­wi­ning the private aspects with the public ones, the merchant class and the dynamic of its deve­lop­ment with the histo­rical, and the day-to-day with the eternal. The story takes place over three gene­ra­tions, repre­sen­ting the lives of the three charac­ters for whom the diffe­rent parts of the trilogy were named, also paral­le­ling the progress of Syrian history which in turn repres­ents the struggle for human rights in various Arab coun­tries. The epic also tries to capture the collec­tive memory in the folds of its text, colo­ring this with the painful quest of the Syrian indi­vi­dual for his freedom and the high price he pays for this by impri­son­ment, torture, and exile.