Mohammad Al-Mansi Qandil

Mohammad Al-Mansi Qandil Yaum gha'im fi-l-birr al-gharbi

Yaum gha'im fi-l-birr al-gharbi

Sprache: Arabisch
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Paperback, 572 Seiten
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Cloudy Day on the West Side. Muhammad Al-Mansi Qindeel evokes the period of great archeological discovery and nationalist struggle in Egypt. A young girl is taken from home by her mother when she is forced to flee her abusive husband. After changing her name and fastening a crucifix around her tiny arm, the mother leaves her daughter at a village in Asyut. The fate of the girl, who grows up to become a translator, intersects with that of a number of historical figures from the period, including Howard Carter, Lord Cromer and Abdulrahman al-Rifai. This thrilling tale is brought to life by the authors detailed and vivid descriptions of real historical events and places. Muhammad al-Mansi Qandil's Roman wurde für den arabischen Bowker Preis nominiert.