A.S. Bishtawi

A.S. Bishtawi Tarikh al-thilm fi asr al-inthama al-watania.

Tarikh al-thilm fi asr al-inthama al-watania.

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Geschichte der Unge­rech­tig­keit in der arabi­schen Welt.- What are the chances of the Arab Nation wrest­ling control of its destiny from the three main powers locking horns in the region to usurp the wealth and future of the Arab World: The Arab dicta­to­rial regimes, Bush's America and the mili­tants - ?. - Never been greater in the past 100 years, - A. S. Bishtawi, author of History of Injustice in the Arab world, said in answer to jour­na­lists during the launch of his new book at the Sharjah Inter­na­tional Book fair. - Through his totally unex­pected moral, political and mili­tary failure in Iraq, US Presi­dent George W. Bush did not just fail to uphold the high moral stan­dards of the foun­ding fathers of the United States of America but also all Arab dicta­to­rial rulers who betted on a quick victory and provided him with all the support they could muster despite the oppo­si­tion of the popu­lace to the inva­sion and occu­pa­tion of Iraq -, he said. - Instead of forcing Iraqis to give him a free hand in molding Iraq as the hearts of the Likud and the Neo-Cons desired, his endless misjudg­ments and cons­i­de­rable losses suffered in that Arab country in the past 20 months freed Iraqis of their fear of the might of the US -, Bishtawi said. - Soon after­wards other Arabs were libe­rated by the Iraqis of their fear of the US and subse­qu­ently of their fear of Arab dicta­tors who have been tormen­ting them for the last 60 years with cons­i­de­rable help and support from the West, parti­cu­larly the US. - - These dicta­tors are the Berlin Wall of the Arab World -, Bishtawi said. - And like the German wall, they will come cras­hing down because the pillars of US foreign policy that provided them with support since the mid-1950s came cras­hing down in Iraq.