Abdul-Kareem Jouaity

Abdul-Kareem Jouaity Kutaiba al-kharab

Kutaiba al-kharab

Al-Markaz ath-Thaqafi Al-Arabi
Sprache: Arabisch
1. Auflage ()
Paperback, Seiten
ISBN 9789953681953
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When a Danish lady offers to a Moroccan muni­ci­pa­lity a small tree to be planted somewhere in the town – as an expres­sion of grate­ful­ness for moments of bliss that she and her late husband had the good luck to expe­ri­ence in this town decades ago, this was bound to create prob­lems. In this novel the Moroccan author Abdel-Kareem Jouaitly tells us about the sinuous and myste­rious paths of bureau­cracy and power and the fate of the indi­vi­dual under them. This is a narra­tive at once funny and painful.