Fadi Azzam

Fadi Azzam Sarmada


Sprache: Arabisch
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Paperback, 222 Seiten
ISBN 9789948446231
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Auf der Short­list für den Inter­na­tional Prize for Arabic Fiction 2012. Docu­men­tary producer Rafi Azmi meets a strange woman in Paris - a Professor of Physics at the Sorbonne - who informs him that she has lived a previous life in his village of Sarmada, in southern Syria. It turns out that she is the rein­car­na­tion of a woman murdered by her brothers in an honour killing. Affected by her story, Rafi returns to his home­town, to discover an entire world previously hidden from him. The woman’s story leads him to delve into the depths of the place and uncover its secrets, desires, beauty and the co-exis­tence of its people of diffe­rent reli­gions.