Halim Barakat

Halim Barakat Audat at-ta'ir ila al-bahr

Audat at-ta'ir ila al-bahr

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Days of Dust. ince we live in the West, we get the West's version of history. Halim Barakat, a leboaese chris­tian offers us an amazing fictional look at the Six Days War that not only crys­ti­lizes non-Israeli senti­ment on the issue, but created a form of Arabic revo­lu­tionary lite­ra­ture when first published. Barakat's work is persua­sive, fiery prose, inter­cut­ting several charac­ters but mainly concer­ning itself with Ramzy (or - symbol -) his auto­bio­gra­phical main character. This book is one of the more powerful 180 pages I've read, and the intro­duc­tion by Edward Said is really great. The book occa­sio­nally lurches toward self indul­gence, but cons­i­de­ring that Barakat is not a nove­list by trade, I think this is excusable. By this book. Read it. Change your mode of thought. T