Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali Al-Intisar 'ala Abi Darya

Al-Intisar 'ala Abi Darya

Sprache: Arabisch
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Sieg über Abi Daya. Legenden und die schwere Arbeit der Perlen­fi­scher am Arabi­schen Golf, wunderbar illu­s­triert. The pearl fleet has returned from another hard season at sea. The legen­dary guar­dian of the Sea Kingdom, Abu Derya, has inflicted a terrible defeat and many ships and sailors have been lost. When Rashid's grand­mo­ther has a dream in which her grandson's hands are filled with pearls, the villa­gers are deter­mined to reverse their fortune. But Abu Derya is ready once again to unleash his forces inclu­ding poiso­nous jelly­fish and a giant whale. Who will be victo­rious? Alters­gruppe 7-10 Jahre. Mohammed Ali, Schrift­s­teller und Maler aus Qatar.