Jabbour Al-Douaihy

Jabbour Al-Douaihy Matar haziran

Matar haziran

Dar an-Nahar
Sprache: Arabisch
1. Auflage ()
Paperback, 325 Seiten
ISBN 9789953740928
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Mornin of Wrath. Jabbour Douaihy's novel evokes the horrors of internal divi­sion in Lebanon, through its obser­va­tion of the daily life of a village where vendetta is the prevai­ling system of justice. The work is notable for its preci­sion of language, for its use of the multiple view­point tech­nique, and for a voca­bu­lary that high­lights the hidden aspects of the conf­lict. This novel was short­listed for the Inter­na­tional Prize for Arabic Fiction 2008.