Salim Barakat

Salim Barakat Madha an as-sayyida al-yahudiyya Rahel

Madha an as-sayyida al-yahudiyya Rahel

Sprache: Arabisch
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paperback, 566 Seiten
ISBN 9786144860045
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What About Rachel, the Jewish Lady? offers a rich panorama of Syria in the days follo­wing the defeat of the 1967 six-day war, expo­sing police bruta­lity at that time and the role played by the intel­li­gence services in faci­li­ta­ting the emig­ra­tion of Jews from Qamishli, in north-eastern Syria, smugg­ling them to Turkey and Lebanon, and thence to Cyprus. From there, they made their way to Pales­tine and America, where many settled in Broo­klyn, New York.

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